NaviFloor® – RFID Boden für Roboternavigation
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NaviFloor is an RFID floor for robot navigation. It provides a way of placing invisible landmarks on a floor using RFID tags. Robotic vehicles or other moving objects only need an RFID reader and a map loaded in the controller to indicate the position of the tags in the floor. Equipped in this way, robots can determine their exact positions whenever the reader comes within range of a tag.

The NaviFloor RFID underlay is delivered in rolls of 100cm width and 50m length with a standard grid of 50cm. Delivery also includes a mapping of the embedded RFID tags, simplifying the installation. The NaviFloor RFID impact sound insulating underlay is suitable for installation beneath all types of elastic flooring, laminate or parquet. The NaviFloor RFID reinforcement fabric (patent pending) is specially developed for installation beneath artificial resin or terrazzo flooring (>, tiles or elastic flooring. It is pressure-resistant up to 45N/mm² and withstands even fork lift trucks.